Kasr Zero – Top 10 things to look for when buying a used car in Egypt

used cars kasr zero egypt cairo find out the best car and know what to take off

used cars kasr zero egypt cairo find out the best car and know what to take off

Top 10 things you need to know before buying a used car…

Given the recent price hikes in the cost of new cars in the Egyptian market, purchasing a new car is looking to be a far less attractive investment by the day. What is the alternative you may ask? For many its investing in a used car, which more recently is looking to be a safer and more suitable option for Egyptian consumers. While most consumers might initially look at the used car market in Egypt with some skepticism – and rightfully so –  it is important to consider that there has been a recent overhaul in the practices of selling used cars in Egypt, which now demand more transparency from sellers and accommodation to the requirements of car buyers.

If you are looking to invest in a used car in Egypt and want to brush up your knowledge on what to look out for when buying a used car, here’s a checklist of 10 easy tips to follow, to make sure your making a more informed decision:

  1. The Test Drive

Always take the car for a test drive on local streets and highways. Local streets will allow you to get to grips with how the car shifts, responds to sharp turns and sudden braking. On faster routes and highways, such as the ‘Ring Road’ or ‘Mehwar’, you can get a good feel for the car’s engine condition. While on the open road, make sure to keep ears alert for any unusual engine or brake sounds.

  1. The Aesthetics: the car’s form inside and out

Always be sure to check the car’s condition from the inside and out. When it comes to the inside of the car, the trick here is to give a good sweep of the interior’s essentials. Check the car’s seats and upholstery for any type of damage such stains or rips, check the car’s electronics; the air conditioning unit, the odometer for mileage, the on-board display screen condition and function, and a test of the lights and car sensor functions to ensure they are working adequately.

When it comes to the car’s outer condition, be sure to start off by observing the car’s paint job, and searching or any rust spots or dents. The key here is look at each side of the car, standing side on from the wheels in search of any waviness; which indicates paint work has been done. Check the tires to make sure they are evenly worn out, and match in make and size. Alignment of the wheels is essential as well, as it means the car has no steering or suspension problems from possible frame damage. The rule is to never buy a car with any frame damage, so make sure you are checking the fenders for sings  they have been welded or bolted on (bolt heads, which hold the fenders together, with any scratch marks around them indicate the fenders have been altered).

  1. The leak test

During the test drive, be sure to stop the car over any dry or clean terrain for 60 seconds while the car engine is still running, and then observe the ground for any sign of leaking fluid. Leaking black fluid is an indication of leaking oil, while green/red fluid leakage indicates a problem in the coolant/antifreeze compartment of the car.

  1. Car Reviews

One of the more important strategies to consider is checking industry/user reviews on the car you are interested in to identify any pre-existing or common problems. Reading reviews off the internet can be an easy way of gaining insight on any make or model’s general condition. For more accurate information consider calling local dealerships which trade in the brands you are interested in and ask for more insight.

  1. Research Car Parts Prices

Again, reading through reviews on the internet or contacting local dealership can give you good insight on a car’s current average market value, depending on its mileage and general condition. For more accurate information, Check Kasr Prices values for up to date and current valuations on any used car in the Egyptian market. When looking at any car type, you need to research what type of pricing are you going to experience when it comes to car parts or car maintenance, what if maintaining the car condition is going to cost you way more than your budget, therefore you need to consider everything before buying a used car.

  1. Mechanic inspection

Having a professional mechanic inspect the car you are interested in is a must! While there are many mechanics out there who can inspect a car’s condition for little cash in return, we always advise serious buyers to invest in the services of a reputable certified service center instead. The extra cash paid will go a long way in providing with a detailed breakdown of the car’s condition, helping to discover hidden problems, and determining the car’s true value. To book a car inspection at a certified service center near you.

  1. Consider a Kasr-Zero Car

If you are weary of investing time and money in a used car in the Egyptian market, especially on cars with high mileage, we always advise customers to narrow down their search for cars within the Kasr Zero Bracket (mileage between 0-30,000 KMs). Investing in a Kasr Zero car can certainly save a lot of heartbreak and pain for buyers. Problems tend to be non-existent, or are otherwise easily apparent and fixable, and the car is in as good a condition as a brand-new car. While you would be investing a little more on purchasing such a car, you’d still be saving a big buck when compared with purchasing a brand-new car in Egypt. To view all Kasr Zero cars on offer in the Egyptian market, visit Kasr Zero for all new listings and prices.


  1. Consider a Certified Pre-Owned Car

Purchasing a certified pre-owned car, from an authorized dealership in Egypt can certainly be viewed as wise alternative to investing in a used car. Not only are you assured quality assurance and service warranty on your purchase, but the hassle of inspections and bargaining on price are also cut out. In purchasing a certified pre-owned car, you’d also cut out the risk of purchasing a vehicle with hidden damage, and more recently many authorized dealerships now offer warranties that extend beyond the original coverage on the car. Which in our opinion, is an absolute bargain!

  1. Vehicle history report

Requesting the vehicle’s history report from the car dealership’s authorized service center is also another easy and trusted tool to utilize. The report will not only give great insight into the car’s condition, past and present problems, as well as car accident history, but will also give assurances on whether the car has been well maintained by the owner over the years. There is not a lot worse than investing in a car which as a poor service history, and whose owner has failed to take it to service on time and invest in maintaining its condition with authorized spare parts.

  1. Beware of UFO’s

‘Unidentified Funky Odors’! Our final tip to all potential buyers  of used cars is to beware of strange smells. Despite what excuses the car owner might give about accidentally dropping a bit of lettuce from his ‘ta3meya’ sandwich that morning, and therefore explaining the bad smell; try to steer clear of bad smelling cars, which can cost a fortune to get rid, especially if found coming from the car seats or from the interior carpet.


Top tips for those with the ‘DIY: Do It yourself’ attitude:

Pop the hood

While we strongly urge all our customers to rely on certified service centers to carry out car inspections for potential purchases, if you are the ‘DIY: Do It Yourself” type, then be sure to pop the car’s hood and give the engine a good inspection. Once you are done looking at the aesthetics of the car inside and out, inspecting the engine is critical to giving you all the information you need on the car’s condition. Checking for any dents, cracks or rust is important, especially when it comes to hoses or belts on the engine. Be sure to inspect the radiators, which should not be soft. The car’s engine should also show no signs of leaks or corrosion. Dark brown oil stains indicate a leak in the gasket, while light brown or dark green fluid can indicate brake fluid leakage. Checking the transmission dipstick to check oil which should be a dark red/light brown color.




Own a BMW in Egypt…. This how you can keep it in a great condition…

Maintain Your BMW

Proper maintenance of a Used BMW can prove to be a valuable to preserving the life of the vehicle. BMWs can run smoothly for well over one hundred thousand miles if properly maintained. BMW owners are often cautious when selecting a garage and typically obtain service of their vehicle through the BMW dealership directly, or through a well trusted mechanic.

Expensive but worth it

Maintenance can be pricey, but for many owners, the price of maintaining their used vehicle is well worth it especially after the vehicle is fully paid for. So what service will a used BMW need? Typically tire rotation at least each season. BMWs are widely known as the “ultimate driving machine.” As such, having good tires is imperative to good performance on the road. Having the proper type and size tires for the vehicle can give the driver confidence and reassurance especially in poor driving conditions, such as rain or snow.

Synthetic Oil

Though some models need less frequent oil changes, getting regular oil changes are also necessary for the proper running of the vehicle. Typically BMWs use synthetic oil which is usually more expensive. You should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and only used the type of oil and gas required or recommended by the manufacturer.

Never delay fixing your car problems

Many people will take care of their vehicle’s engine and other “under the hood” parts, however proper maintenance of the vehicle’s exterior is also valuable in preserving the vehicle’s resale value. Most consumers will make their decisions on buying a vehicle based on the how the vehicle looks on the outside. Proper washing and waxing are necessary to keep the exterior looking new. Even the smallest dings and dents can over time impact the vehicle’s appearance if not “retouch” every now and then.

Tires are dangerous

A properly maintaining the vehicle’s tires, getting regular oil changes and wash and wax of the exterior will go a long way to preserve the look and performance of a used BMW, not to mention also preserve the resale value of the vehicle. The money spent in maintaining a used BMW can be pricey, but can prove to be a good investment down the line.

7 Tips to keep your car safe before hitting the road to Sahel this summer

7 car tips to do before you drive to Sahel

With summer trips to Sahel officially kicking into gear, here are Kasr Zero’s 7 top  tips to keep your car safe before hitting the road this summer.

  1. Test your battery

         A quick trip to mechanic to test your batteries condition a day before hitting the road, will save the heartbreak of           your car not starting again when you stop off for a tactical mid-trip pit stop.

  1. Check your Anti-freeze/coolant levels

Buy a good brand of coolant liquid (Mobil Antifreeze Advanced should do the job) and top up till the “Full Line” in your coolant reservoir, with a 50/50 mix of water and coolant. Some coolants already come mixed, so make sure to check the bottle’s label, before pouring it in.

  1. Air Conditioning

Unless you want to turn into a grilled chicken on your way to Sahel, be sure to test all A/C functions in your car. Turn the A/C dial on each level to make sure it’s working adequately, and getting colder with each turn of the knob.

  1. Check Tire Pressure

Make sure your tire pressure matches what’s advised in your car’s manual. If your too lazy to flick through the manual like us, then simply look at the tire pressure sticker in the metal doorway on the driver’s side. If you are travelling on a particularly hot day, then do not over pump your tires, as the heat can cause them to expand and pop! You don’t want to turn into a grilled chicken outside the car changing tires

  1. Tire Age

The rule here is; if you can’t remember the last time to changed your tires, then it’s time for a change up. You certainly don’t want your tire popping on the roasting Alex desert Road. If it’s too late, then it’s about time you shower yourself in some herbs, cause you’ll be roast chicken in no time



  1. Wipers

As windshield wipers tend to fall victim to heat, make sure you give it a good test. If it’s too late and the rubber on your wipers are damaged, pass by any petrol station for quick change or fix up.


  1. Engine Oil

Last and certainly most importantly, be sure to sure your engine oil levels. If you’ve recently serviced your car, then you should be good to go. However, if it’s been awhile, then be sure to check your levels and oil quality at your local service center to make sure an oil change or top up are not needed. The longer you leave your car without oil change, the higher at risk you are of Engine failure. Did someone say roast chicken for dinner.


When is the best time to sell your car?

3 Things you should do when selling your car

Most people hold onto their cars until they are practically dead. I speak from personal experience at least! The wiser decision though is to be selling your way ahead of its final resting place. Here are a couple of points to keep in mind if you’d rather be selling your car for some value than having to be the person to bury it.

1. Psychological Mileage

In much the way that buying a happy meal for *$9.99* seems a far more attractive deal than buying it for *10.00*- this psychological tool seems to apply well with car mileage as well. Psychological mileage goes a long way in ensuring your car is sold a lot faster, for a lot higher. Rather than waiting for your car to hit the 100,000kms mileage – look to sell it when it’s made 90,000kms. This same rule still applies with very high the mileage. Look to sell at 195,000kms, and not at 200,000kms – it will not only look far more attractive to the seller, but will also ensure you can notch up the price that little bit more and sell just as fast.

2. Selling before the new model is released

For example, selling your sixth generation 2011 BMW 3 series before the new model is released in 2019 will go a long way in making it a far more valuable sale. This rule applies no matter what car brand or model you own. Be sure to think about selling it as soon as you hear the new model will be released, if you don’t want to risk losing out too much. This is because once the new model comes out, your model’s design will begin to look and feel old to customers in the market. So, the minute you hear a new model is coming out – Start selling.

3. Sell within the 10-year window

This rule works in much the same way as the above. Even if your car is not the latest model available in the market, be sure to sell it within 10 years of first buying it, or better yet within 10 years of its release. In 2017, a car from 2005 will already begin to seem ancient, while a car from before that is likely to be considered from the stone age! Even if you would prefer to wait to be the person to bury your car before eventually buying a new one, have a sit down and seriously think about selling it within 10 years. Trust us you’ll have a lot more money that way to put it into buying a far better car.

Sell your car now on Kasr Zero








New SsangYong Tivoli Car Review & Prices 2017 in Egypt

ssangyong tivoli egypt cairo review

ssangyong tivoli egypt cairo review

New SsangYong Tivoli Car Review & Price 2017 in Egypt

SsangYong was established in 1954, it is well known for its quality design and reasonable price compared to other car brands. There are six different classes for the SsangYong Tivoli with an engine volume of 1600(CC) and 4 cylinder numbers. In addition, the prices range from 318,000 – 380,000 EGP based on the class, which is very appealing for SUVs when compared to other brands in the Egyptian Market. Based on the test criteria made by The European New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), the car scored four stars out of five when emergency brakes where used. Moreover, another great safety option added to this car, which is a system that allows the vehicle to monitor and warn the driver from any kind of obstacles that might lead to serious accidents. According to user ratings on different websites in Egypt, the car has an average star rating three out of five. Furthermore, the company is attempting to reach the competitive edge through manufacturing eXDI200 which are environmental friendly motors that match with the EURO 5 standard.

Why don’t you take the car for a test drive and tell us what you think.